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They describe Issue 13 as an extreme, potentially harmful solution to Ottawa Hills’ deer dilemma.

Fast Facts

  • Deer Population Unchanged in 6 Years

    In 2009, 76 deer were found in the village. In 2015, 76 deer were found in the village. The stable deer population has already found its balance. Learn more

  • Hunting in the Village is a Risk We Can’t Afford

    The risk of injury to a resident, pet or one of the hunters, is a burden of liability that our Village cannot bear. Learn more

  • No Need for Hunting in the Village

    A stable population. A risky proposition. Why support action that is both unnecessary and dangerous? Learn more

  • Mice are the Significant Carriers of Lyme Disease, Not Deer

    Why kill deer to solve a problem that they are not the cause of? Learn more

  • Deer Culling Won’t Solve the Issue

    Because there is no issue to solve! The numbers do not lie—the deer population has remained stable for at least 6 years. On November 3, Vote NO on Issue 13. Learn more

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Show your support by displaying a “No Hunting in the Village” Yard Sign, and/or by supporting us financially.
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Get the Facts

Don’t believe everything you have heard. Get the facts, make an informed decision and Vote NO on Issue 13.

Get Involved

Answer the call! Assist us in keeping the village a NO HUNTING ZONE. Take action.

Say No to Issue 13

It is unnecessary. It is dangerous. It is cruel. Bowhunting in the Village of Ottawa Hills is a solution without a problem. On November 3, let your voice be heard. Vote NO on Issue 13!

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